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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Facials in Ottawa

Aging is inevitable; but looking old is something we can control. At Aesthetica Day Spa, we offer a range of facials in Ottawa. In order to help keep your skin glowing, we’ve designed a range of facial treatments and massages that target signs of aging like wrinkles. You’ll also see that we aim at restoring your skin to make it feel smooth and healthy. Our complete line of professional facial treatments covers all skin types and age groups.

Deep Cleansing Facial

50 mins - $75.00 

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating personalized deep cleansing beauty treatment. We use micro scrub gommage, for a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, followed by gentle steam and extractions. We’ll complete the experience with a mask that will suit your skin type.

PureactiveTM Acne Facial

Heal severe acne breakouts and skin problems with intensive PureactiveTM. With the use of a green clay mask and three different serums that can control blackheads, irritation, excess sebum, hyperkeratosis, we can:

Soothe inflammation
Regulate and balance your skin condition
Eliminate excess sebum
Prevent acne development

Please note that this mask does not contain paraffin, mineral oils or lanolin.

Teen Facial

40 mins - $65.00

Bioline® Pura Plus skin proactive treatment focuses on the special need of teens. This antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steaming, extractions and a soothing mask.

Package of 5 $300.00

Home care is strongly recommended for best results.


Bioline-Jatò is a delicate and complex balance of a nourishing, protecting and loving formula. It is like an indefinable magic formula that changes and evolves over the years. It is formulated to fit every skin type, embroidered along the contours of its age, nature and climate. Beauty needs new and diverse stimulus because when your skin gets accustomed to a treatment, the treatment loses effectiveness over time. The success of a treatment is linked to the skill of the hands that perform it.


Bioline has raised a safe fortress where beauty is protected. It is a solid stronghold that it is built with incredibly powerful elements such as:

A complete range of treatments combined with exclusive manual for beauty professionals
Various applications methods that call for massage protocols
A rich collection of maintenance and reinforcing products specifically formulated for home care

Derouge Calming Facial

This facial is especially for reddened, irritated skin types showing couperose. A product by Bioline®, it is a pain relieving cosmetic treatment that is designed to decongest the skin, making it clear and soft, and moisturized. The properties of rose hip, bilberry, hypericum and clover extracts are ideal to:

Soothe the skin
Strengthen capillaries
Relieve irritation

Derouge Active Repairing Facial

This Bioline® product is for delicate, sensitive, irritated, reddened, acne-affected and couperose-affected or couperose-prone skin. Extracts of bilberry, hypericum, sweet clover, rose hip protect and reinforce blood vessels walls and help reduce burning due to irritated skin. Also, the presence of Ximilene derived from olax dissiflora boosts microcirculation within the capillaries. Tocotrienols innovative vitamin E precursors create a cosmetic anti-oxidant effect and beta-glycyrrhetic acid derived from liquorice helps prevent inflammation. Overall, this facial is ideal to:

Soothe the skin
Relieve irritation
Repair the skin
Strengthen capillaries
Moisturize and decongest

Primaluce Glycolic Peel Facial

This product by Bioline® is an exclusive cosmetics line that is designed to offer both whitening and exfoliating action due to a revolutionary combination of P.H.A., A.H.A., white complex and nanostructures. This treatment is known to tackle skin thickenings, hyperpigmentation areas, skin aging and impurities. In addition to providing the skin a newfound splendour at a cosmetic level, it can help:

Brighten dull complexion
Smoothen wrinkles
Fade pigmentation
Promote hydration
Renew cells
Improve texture
Diminish scars

Reveillance Global

This facial is an anti-oxidant shield that helps protect and enhance the health of your skin. It is known to give your skin a new lease of life with the use of a high concentration of stabilised vitamin C, tocotrienols that are innovative derivatives of vitamin E and lipoic acid that are known to have anti-oxidizing powers.

While this treatment is suitable for all skin types, it is especially good for skin that is exposed to pollution, temperature changes and stress. It is also ideal for delicate, tired, acne-prone skins and prematurely aged skins. We recommend this shield facial for:

Clearer skin
Improving cell renewal
Luminous, soft and firm skin
Normalizing skin

Our Anti-Aging Facials

Compu-Lift Anti-Aging Treatment

This is a non-surgical facelift where we treat the aging process at the epidermal, muscular and dermal levels. It includes the application of an anti-aging serum and is great for both men and women. With this treatment we strive to:

Restore a healthy and youthful glow
Reduce lines and wrinkles
Make the facial muscles firm
Refine skin texture
Delay premature aging
Increase elasticity
Increase cell renewal
Oxygenate the skin

Microdermabrasion (Face and Neck)

25 minutes - $75

If you’re looking for a gentle yet effective mechanical exfoliation of the skin, we recommend our St Peel Microdermabrasion. While the result is similar to light chemical peels, the procedure is known to be quick and pain-free, and it includes sweet relief soothing serum.


Our St Peel Microdermabrasion is a gentle, yet effective mechanical exfoliation of the skin. The result is similar to that of light chemical peels. The procedure is fast and pain-free. It includes sweet relief soothing serum.

It can be done on the face, chest, neck, shoulders, hands, knees, elbows and is known to treat:

Blemished skin
Sun-damaged skin
Lip and character lines
Skin pigmentation marks

Reveal healthier, younger skin with Silhouet-Tone microdermabrasion. More radiant skin is only a treatment away:

Silhouet-Tone microdermabrasion systems are designed to gradually erase flaws and blemishes. Each pass removes a precise amount of surface cells, allowing softer, brighter skin to emerge.
Powerful exfoliation and vacuum action encourage the refreshment of stratum comeum improving your skin’s appearance and reviving your youthful glow.
This treatment is designed to refine pores, exfoliate coarse skin and reduce uneven pigmentation while smoothing superficial scars and blemishes.
Microdermabrasion is the perfect complement to your product routine. By revealing new layers of the epidermis, the treatment allows creams and serums with powerful actives to further penetrate your skin.

Make an appointment with your skin care provider to learn more about the benefits of Silhouet-Tone.

Caviar & Retinol Anti-aging Facial

Choose this high-performance anti-aging and regenerating treatment that is known to bring luminosity and brilliance to your skin. With a combination of retinol, vitamin E and caviar extract, this treatment can help your skin defend itself from the causes of aging and dehydration – both external and internal. What happens during this facial is that after an application of biophasic serum, deep exfoliation with a blend of enzymes is carried out and the facial is completed with an Alginate Capsule Cream Mask. At the end of the treatment, you can expect the skin that is:

Almost wrinkle-free
Close to brightened complexion and improved elasticity

3D Seductage Anti-aging Facial Treatment – A Bioline® Product

This first global anti-aging treatment that features nanostructures is known to help in relaxing, volumizing and restructuring your skin. This synergic action can provide an intense “stretch” on all skin types. However, this effect can be customized to each skin type in order to create a specific action on the face, neck and delicate contours. 3D Seductage is a non-invasive method and is considered highly moisturizing and lipo-restorative.

Vintage 79 – A product from Bioline®

Vintage 79 is the perfect combination of skincare range that is created using past traditions and recent formulae. It is known to be extremely versatile and can treat all skin types and imperfections. This range comprises of avant-garde and formulas that are free of mineral oils and is ideal for keeping your skin moisturized and help preventing signs of aging.

Hydra Intensive Facial from Vintage 79

This treatment is ideal to preserve and help increase your skin’s hydration and protect its beauty and elasticity. In addition to this, it can:

Improve the skin’s ability to self-hydrate
Slow dehydration
Improve elasticity
Optimize hydration levels
Protect your skin before a sunny outdoor vacation

Age Defense Facial from Vintage 79

Also a Bioline® product, this facial helps preserve and enhance the skin’s functions and maintain firmness along with lipid content. It helps to treat main beauty issues that are related to the aging process such as wrinkles, decreased lipid, poor tone, elasticity and loss of luminosity. The carrier system comprising of omega 3, ceramide 3 and omega 6 from plan oils, sugars and amino acids help:

Restore tone and skin firmness
Prevent dehydration
Regenerate and nourish the skin
Preserve skin lipid content

A Great Add-on to Any Facial – CasmaraTM

Casmara Express Facial: 30 minutes - $65.00

Express beauty facial with immediate results – It is a rapid intensive treatment session and provides instant perfection.

The Casmara laboratory has developed a cosmetic line to make your skin look youthful. We offer different products to accommodate the needs of every skin type. These high-technology cosmetics are formulated with seaweed extracts to provide a powerful hydrating effect. The cosmetics also use diverse active ingredients which are different on every mask.  

The pioneering and unique Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask sets set on the skin a pleasant and light pressure over the applied area. This makes it favourable for the penetration of active ingredients which are applied during the treatment as well as those which are inherent in the mask. It is possible to apply the mask over your lips and eyes, reaching areas other masks fail to reach. This is a high-technology cosmetic which helps in lowering the temperature of your skin. It improves the general appearance of the eye contour area and also firms and tones the skin. Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask is an innovative and exclusive way to treat your skin. 

Nothing compares to it!

You can choose from our range of masks:


Reaffirming mask (detoxifying and moisturizing) – This mask is suitable for all skin types, including edemas, dilated pores and acne. It is a combination of activated carbon and natural algae derivate and is known to stimulate and tone muscles.


RGnerin mask (regenerating and anti-irritant) – This mask is especially recommended after an exfoliating treatment. It is known to diffuse the soothing effects of cell regeneration and stimulate cellular dynamism. Because it contains linseed oil, flax, aloe and other natural ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types.


Green mask (purifying) – The green mask is known to revitalize dry and aging skin.


Green tea mask (revitalizing and anti-stress) – This mask is an anti-oxidant and can relax and soothe nerves. It contains lavender and beta-carotene protecting against solar radiation.


Vitamin/vegetable mask (stimulating and anti-wrinkles) – This mask naturally contains vitamin C and is ideal for any skin type, especially to achieve wrinkle-free skin. It provides:

Skin lightening properties
Anti-free radicals
Improved collagen synthesis

Goji mask (balancing)


Re6tense mask 2060 (firming)


Gold mask (revitalizing and remineralizing) – This mask consists of 24 karat gold dust - extra $10


Sensitive mask – This mask, as the name suggests, is suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. It contains extracts from oats and violets.

NOVAnew mask (moisturizing) – This mask is suitable for refreshing, decongesting and for any skin type. It is available with a high level of moisturizing substances.

Bi-phase soya mask – If you’re looking for a mask for delicate skin, soya mask is what you need. In addition to protecting capillaries and veins, this mask is an antiseptic and decongestant.


All Casmara masks provide a draining effect, reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Add a signature eye treatment or a Casmara mask to any facial, body treatment or massage for only $30!

Blu Beauty Facial Treatments by Bioline®

Aqua+ Intensive Facial

1hour 10 minutes - $89.00

“Source of essential hydration”


This facial is a truly professional treatment preserving and increasing skin’s hydration, to protect its natural youth, beauty and elasticity. Aqua+ optimizes water metabolism and re-stabilizes the skin’s correct hydration level, preserving its natural functions. It hydrates deep down and helps the skin rebalance any stress caused by outer (environment, weather) and inner dehydration. This product is parabens-free.

Benefits of Aqua+ Facial

Improves skin capability to self-hydrate
Optimizes hydration levels
Improves elasticity
Protects your skin
Slows down dehydration
Great before going for a vacation

Pura+ Acne Facial 

1hour 10 minutes - $89.00

“Regains the purity of the skin”


This facial treatment is designed for treating and healing issues of acne breakouts and problem skin. The sebum production is regulated and inflammation is controlled. It allows the skin to regenerate itself, and leaves a clean and clear complexion. This product is parabens-free.

Benefits of Pura+ Facial

Soothes inflammation
Minimizes pores
Regulates and balances
Removes blackheads

Vita+ Anti Age Facial

1hour 10 minutes - $89.00

“Re-launches the skin’s vitality”


Vita+ antiaging facial is an essential, effective, innovative and professional treatment, to preserve and enhance the skin functions. It also helps in maintaining and optimizing lipid content and firmness of the skin. This facial act on beauty problems related with the skin ageing process, wrinkles, poor tone and elasticity, decreased lipid content, and loss of luminosity. It helps in restoring the face’s natural beauty, by granting the skin its smoothness and tightness.

Benefits of Vita+ Facial

Restoring skin firmness and tone
Regenerate and nourish skin deep down
Prevent and maintain dehydration
Preserve skin lipid content

Dolce+ Calming Facial

1hour 10 minutes - $89.00

“Immediate relief for sensitive skin”


Dolce+ calming facial is a complete lenitive cosmetic treatment best suited for irritated, reddened, sensitive and blemished skin. By virtue of the properties of bilberry, rose hip, hypericum and clover extracts, the facial gently decongests the skin and makes it clearer. It makes the skin soft and moisturizes it. This product is parabens-free.

Benefits of Dolce+ Facial

Strengthens capillaries
Reduces skin redness
Relieves irritation

ADD ON: Linea plus facials intensive serum treatment: Aqua, Pura, Vita and Dolce for $15.00 each only


Prevention Facial

24.7 Natural Balance Facial

1hour 10 minutes - $110.00


Acts in advance against the causes of skin ageing

Vitamin, oxygen and mineral elements are what your skin asks for.

This facial is a combination of active principles extracted from plants, gems and flowers to maintain skin’s natural beauty. It replenishes three main deficiencies of essential elements, indispensable for skin’s vital mechanisms, which is caused by improper lifestyle and behaviours. The improper lifestyle issues include stress, pollution, poor diet of fruits and vegetables, excessive sun exposure, great perspiration (sports, sauna and steam bath) hot and humid environments, smoking, heavy drinking, indoor and conditioned environments, and frequent travels. Each one of us is responsible for one's own aging up to 70%. 

This facial balances the natural equilibrium of the skin and removes metals.

The facial is free of:

Mineral oils
Formaldeyde releasers
Artificial dyes

Specific Intensive Superiors Treatments


Desense Active Repairing Facial Treatment

1hour 10 minutes - $125.00


With patented nanostructures delivery system

Paraben- and allergen-free

Desense active repairing facial treatment is best suited for very irritated, reddened, sensitive, delicate, couperose-affected or couperose-prone, and blemished skins (acne-affected). Extracts of rose hip, bilberry, hypericum and sweet clover protect and reinforce blood vessels walls, and reduce burning associated with irritated skin. The presence of Ximilene derived from Olax Dissiflora favors micro circulation within the capillaries. Beta-Glycyrrhetic Acid derived from liquorice, prevents the onset of inflammation. While tocotrienols’ innovative Vitamin E precursors present in it, have an excellent cosmetic anti-oxidant effect. Thanks to its characteristics and action. Desense is your ideal treatment for delicate, hyper sensitive and redness-prone skin, and rosacea and couperose.

Benefits of this facial:

Soothes the skin
Moisturizes the skin
Relieves irritation
Strengthens capillaries

Signature Eye and Lip Treatment, Stem Cell, Caviar and Retinol

25 minutes - $55.00

“Enhancing the most important facial features”

With plant stem cells derived from appletree, caviar and retinol

This treatment provides you with the ultimate tool to preserve the fragile beauty of your eyes. A gentle exfoliation will remove dead skin cells. Signs of stress are alleviated with acupressure techniques as wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away. Lymphatic drainage, serums and creams decongest the eye area reducing signs of fatigue. The eyes are left looking fresh, vibrant and luminous.

Benefits of Signature Eye and Lip Treatment

Smooths wrinkles and fine lines
Erases signs of jet lag
Alleviates sinus pain
Moisturizes and hydrates
Combats puffiness and dark circles
Firms eye/lip contour

Superiors Treatments

Primaluce Glycolic Peel Facial

1hour 10minutes - $125.00

The innovation of cosmetic peeling with patented nanostructures delivery system

Paraben- and allergen-free

Beyond AHA the sequential renewal treatment using new generation of AHAs and PHAs is capable of developing four interactive actions that provide the skin with renewed splendour whitening, renovation, levigation and clarification. Thanks to their AHAs’ small molecular structure which can penetrate more quickly. This resurfacing treatment is ideal for acne-prone, pigmented, or aging skin. We use naturally sourced AHA’s and BHA’s from sugarcane and citrus fruits to slough dead skin cells. With the help of this facial, wrinkle, fine lines, pigmentation and scarring fade away, while the skin surface becomes noticeably smoother and clarified.

Benefits of Primaluce Glycolic Peel Facial

Brightens dull complexions
Smooths wrinkles
Promotes hydration
Renews cells
Fades pigmentation
Improves texture and appearance of scars

De-ox Global Antioxidant Shield Facial

1hour 10minutes - $140.00

With patented nanostructures delivery system

This facial protects and enhances the wealth of your skin with the most precious antioxidants of the millennium. Give new life to your skin with high concentration of stabilized pure vitamin C, tocotrienols innovative derivative of Vitamin E and lipoic acid that has anti-oxidizing power 400 times greater than that of Vitamin E. This facial is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, and especially those that are exposed daily to stress, pollution and temperatures changes. It is also excellent for delicate, tired, prematurely aged skins. This facial is also indicated for impure, acne-prone skins, and those frequently exposed to sun, sunlamps and smokers. After the facial the skin appears clearer, more luminous, and soft, as well as being firm to touch. The immediate plumbing effect smooths wrinkles and restores the luminosity and compactness of the skin. 

This facial is great for summer or vacation.

Targeted action:

OZONE OFF - protects from radicals generated by air pollution
UV OFF - protects from radical generated by ultra violet radiation
DMAE - protects from radicals generated by stress and cell metabolism

Recommended Package of 5 Facial Treatments - $650.00

Bonus: Chest Treatment Including Mask Value of $150.00 with Package

Lifting Code Facial

“Act on face contours”

This is a highly effective, natural facial that firms the skin by adding necessary moisture in with the help of elasticity enhancing and energy boosting agents. By treating the deeper layers of the skin, this facial tightens and lifts the skin. It performs indirect moisturizing action with lifting and tightening benefits. The facial is ideal for all skin types, along with being suitable for sensitive skin. It is essential for dry, dehydrated, toneless and sagging skin as well.

The facial can be done anytime of the year, in alteration with specific Bioline® treatments suited for your skin type. The product contains active Antartic algae extracts along with hyaluronic acid, filling polymers, and elastin boosters.

Benefits of Lifting Code Facial

Strengthens the structure of skin
Firms and tones
Encourages cohesion of the epidermal layer
Improves the flexibility of the skin
Minimizes wrinkles and expression lines

Age Facial Treatment

1hour 10minutes - $155.00

Recommended Package of 5 facial treatments $725.00

Bonus: Chest Treatment Including Mask Value of $150.00 with Package

It is one of the most advanced global anti-aging treatment with anti-aging factor delivery system, horizontal stretching, vertical restructuring, in-depth volumizing. This facial also corrects the signs of time without the need for invasive methods.

Benefits of Age Facial

100% volumizing effects
90% more elastic skin
Highly lipo-restorative
95% more radiant, vital and even complexion
80% crown feet wrinkles, wrinkles between eyebrows and lip wrinkles less visible
Highly moisturizing

Age facial treatment is recommended with five weekly facial treatments and home care products, for best and optimal results. 

This product is paraben- and allergen-free.
The facial is also perfect to maintain and prolong filler injection or plastic surgery.

Add on to Any Facial or Relaxing Massage Therapy

Signature eye treatment - $35.00

Casmara mask - $30.000 

Call us today, to schedule you appointment.


Treat Yourself to a Rejuvenating Facial

All our facials are designed to tone your skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

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