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Awaken Your Inner Beauty with Our Body Care

You’ll see that it’s more like a ‘body facial.’ We prepare your body for a massage to improve the therapeutic impact of your session. A visit to Aesthetica Day Spa allows you to experience ultimate luxury and elevate your spirits. Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience at the hidden gem of Ottawa.

Awakening in Beauty

45 minutes - $80

This velvety fruit buff combined with an application of a sumptuous moisturizer will leave your skin velvety smooth, and reveals a brighter, softer skin.

Body Sensation Slimming

55 minutes - $95

First, the lipo-reducing cosmetic action encourages the breakdown process and elimination of fats. Second, the lipo-energizing cosmetic action triggers cellular metabolism, controls tissue functionality, and breaks up accumulated fluids and fats, encouraging the drainage and lipolysis of fats. This treatment has 3 special ingredients: red algae, yellow poppy, and coffee.

Body Sensation Draining

55 minutes - $104

At the cosmetic level, it improves the microcirculation, reducing the water content inside the infiltrated tissue. Through its exuding action, it encourages the drainage and elimination of toxins, limiting the stagnation of fluids and making orange-peel skin less visible. The high content of mineral salts and vitamins ensure excellent moisture, suppleness, and integrity to the skin. This treatment involves special ingredients like sea salts, dark algae, and bitter orange.

Facial treatments

Body Sensation Modelling

1 hour - $129
*full body treatment

Full esthetics services

Treat Your Body Today

Get away from the hustle of daily life with relaxing sessions at our spa.

Model Shine – Body Luxury Treatment

Restore skin compactness and suppleness at the cosmetic level. It stimulates collagen synthesis and improves its qualities, optimizing its distribution in the tissue. This precious Model Shine body treatment by Bioline® - with a firming and modelling beauty effect – is a veritable cosmetic gem created from the union of dermofondant powders of diamond, hematite, and amber ensconced in last-generation textures which work in synergy with modelling complex, phytoendorphins and nanospheres. The delicate, pearly textures combined with the exclusive Micro Layer cosmetic technology wrap up the body in “invisible micromesh,” thereby leaving the skin more tonic, elastic, and compact. This treatment features high-end design, advanced cosmetic technology, immensely pleasurable effect, and highly effective beauty action. It leaves the skin immediately more tonic, elastic, and compact. Feel the difference after one treatment only.


Recommended: Package of 5

One weekly session for 5 weeks (Body Sensation Treatments) for optimal results. Buy 4, Get one Free. 

Back Facial (Bacial) Treatment

45 MINS - $85

Your skin care professional will cleanse, exfoliate, extract, tone, and apply a detoxification mask. An essential oil specifically for problematic skin will be applied and massaged to help clear up outbreaks. Monthly sessions may prevent re-occurring outbreaks and is recommended.


 Underarm Treatment

45 MINS - $75

An Underarm facial consists of a cleanse, active exfoliation, manual extraction, and mask. Soak in the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits & leave with your underarms moisturized, brightened, and refreshed.

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