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Back Skincare Facial Services for All Skin Types in Ottawa

Is your special day coming up? Planning a night out and want to look great in low-back clothing? Visit Aesthetica Day Spa for a range of back skincarefacial sessions in Ottawa that are suitable for men and women of all ages.

It’s also ideal if you simply want to get rid of that itchy skin or bumps and blackheads.

Back Facial Treatment 

50 mins - $75.00

When we say back facial or ‘bacial’, the process is similar to a facial. However, the products that are used are specially formulated for back skin because it has a different texture when compared to facial skin. Here’s what happens during your bacial:

Your skin care professional will steam, cleanse, extract, tone and apply a seaweed detoxification mask. An essential oil specifically for problematic skin will be applied and massaged to help clear up outbreaks. Monthly sessions may prevent re-occurring outbreaks. This treatment is also beneficial for joint and back pain. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy (fresh fruit and veggies) is also essential in eliminating impurities which erupt through the skin. 

Please note the mask can be specific to suit your skin type and requirement. If you’d like to book a session, contact us now.


Condition Your Back Skin

Refine pores and resurface your skin’s texture with our back skincare sessions.

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