Infrared Dry Sauna Therapy*

*(We do not offer this service at the moment)
The infrared rays penetrate up to 2" into our bodies, increasing blood circulation and cellular activity. This gives the heart and circulatory system an aerobic exercise as well. As muscles and joints are loosened up, we absorb more oxygen. This makes us feel refreshed and energized as aches and pains disappear. Sauna therapy may also play a major role in environmental detoxification.

Good Health Makes All the Difference

Some other benefits that infrared dry sauna provides are:

  • Superior detoxification: removes heavy metals and fat-stored toxins

  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning

  • Stimulated immune system

  • Improved circulation

  • Pain relief

  • Stress reduction

  • Weight loss/cellulite reduction

  • Enhance beautiful skin

  • Enhance weight loss

1 Session15 minutes$25
1 Session30 minutes$35
1 Session45 minutes$45
8 Sessions of 30 minutes240 minutes$195
16 Sessions of 30 minutes480 minutes$355

Sauna Session for Two, Same Time, 30 Minutes - $45.00 for Both

Infrared Saunas Target Pain Points

Don’t worry if you’re chemically sensitive. Our equipment is sourced from reputable brands.

Your Way to Clear Skin