Bioline-Jatò understands what beauty is. This product is a delicate and complex balance of nourishing, protecting, and loving formula. It is like an indefinable magic formula that changes and evolves over the years. It is formulated to fit every skin type, embroidered along the contours of its age, nature, and climate. Beauty needs new and diverse stimulus as alternation and diversification are the two founding principles of beauty. This is because when your skin gets accustomed to a treatment, the treatment loses effectiveness over time. Both the product and the manual methods used are inseparable as the success of a treatment is linked to the skill of the hands that perform it.


Bioline® has raised a safe fortress where beauty is resplendent and protected from everything that affects its happiness and health. It is a solid stronghold that it is built with incredibly powerful elements, such as:

  • A complete range of treatments combined with exclusive manual for beauty professionals

  • Various application methods that call for massage protocols

  • A rich collection of maintenance and reinforcing products specifically formulated for home care

Teen Facial

40 mins - $70.00


Bioline® Pura Plus skin proactive treatment focuses on the special need of teens. This antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment includes deep pore cleansing, steaming, extractions, and a soothing mask.


Package of 5 - $300.00

Home care is strongly recommended for best results.

Blu Beauty Facial Treatments by Bioline®


Linea Plus Aqua – Pura – Dolce – Vita


Aqua PLUS Intensive Facial

1 hour 10 minutes - $94.00


“Source of Essential Hydration”



This facial is a truly professional treatment, preserving and increasing your skin’s hydration to protect its natural youth, beauty, and elasticity. Aqua PLUS optimizes water metabolism and re-stabilizes the skin’s correct hydration level, preserving its natural functions. It hydrates deep down and helps the skin rebalance any stress caused by outer (environment, weather) and inner dehydration. This product is paraben-free.


Benefits of Aqua PLUS Facial

  • Improves skin’s capability to self-hydrate

  • Improves elasticity

  • Slows down dehydration

  • Optimizes hydration levels

  • Protects your skin — great before going for a vacation

Pura PLUS Acne Facial


1 hour 10 minutes - $94.00


“Regains the Purity of Skin”



This facial treatment is designed for treating and healing issues of acne breakouts and problem skin. The sebum production is regulated and inflammation is controlled. It allows the skin to regenerate itself, and leaves a clean and clear complexion. This product is paraben-free.


Benefits of Pura PLUS Acne Facial

  • Soothes inflammation

  • Minimizes pores

  • Regulates and balances

  • Removes blackheads

Vita PLUS Anti-age Facial


1 hour 10 minutes - $94.00


“Re-launches the Skin’s Vitality”



Vita PLUS anti-age facial is an essential, effective, innovative, and professional treatment to preserve and enhance skin functions. It also helps in maintaining and optimizing lipid content and firmness of the skin. This facial acts on beauty problems related to the skin aging process, wrinkles, poor tone, elasticity, decreased lipid content, and loss of luminosity. It helps in restoring the face’s natural beauty by granting the skin its smoothness and tightness.


Benefits of Vita PLUS Facial

  • Restores skin firmness and tone

  • Regenerates and nourishes skin deep down

  • Prevents and maintains dehydration

  • Preserves skin lipid content

Dolce PLUS Calming Facial


1 hour 10 minutes - $94.00


“Immediate Relief for Sensitive Skin”



Dolce PLUS calming facial is a complete lenitive cosmetic treatment, best suited for irritated, reddened, sensitive, and blemished skin. By virtue of the properties of bilberry, rose hip, Hypericum, and clover extracts, the facial gently decongests the skin and makes it clearer. It makes the skin soft and moisturizes it. This product is paraben-free.


Benefits of Dolce PLUS Facial

  • Soothes

  • Reduces skin redness

  • Relieves irritation

  • Strengthens capillaries

  • Moisturizes

ADD ON: Linea Plus facials intensive serum treatment: Aqua, Pura, Vita, and Dolce for $20.00 each only

Prevention Facial

24.7 Natural Balance Facial

1 hour 10 minutes - $115.00


Acts in Advance Against the Causes of Skin Aging


Vitamin, oxygen, and mineral elements are what your skin asks for.


This facial is a combination of active principles extracted from plants, gems, and flowers to maintain your skin’s natural beauty. It replenishes three main deficiencies of essential elements, indispensable for skin’s vital mechanisms, which is caused by improper lifestyle and behaviour. Improper lifestyle issues include stress, pollution, poor diet without fruits and vegetables, excessive sun exposure, great perspiration (sports, sauna, and steam bath), hot and humid environments, smoking, heavy drinking, indoor and conditioned environments, and frequent travels. Each one of us is responsible for one's own aging up to 70%.


This facial balances the natural equilibrium of the skin and removes metals.


The facial is free of:

  • Parabens

  • Sulfates

  • Formaldehyde releasers

  • Mineral oils

  • Paraffin

  • Diethanolamides

  • Artificial dyes

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