Face and Skincare

From anti-age lines to specific products for delicate, young skin, our complete line of professional facial treatments covers all age groups and skin types.


A few of our clients’ favourites:

Deep Cleansing Facial

50minutes - $75.00

Enjoy a relaxing and invigorating personalized deep cleansing beauty treatment. Micro scrub gommage is used for a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, followed by deep cleansing. A mask matched specifically to your skin care needs completes the experience.

Back and Facial Treatment

50 minutes - $75.00

Your skin care professional will steam, cleanse, extract, tone, and apply a seaweed detoxification mask. An essential oil specifically for problematic skin will be applied and massaged to help clear up outbreaks. Monthly sessions may prevent re-occurring outbreaks. This treatment is also beneficial for joint and back pain. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy (fresh fruit and veggies) is also essential in eliminating impurities to maintain smooth, glowing skin.

Gentleman’s Facial

50min - $75.00

This facial is customized to your skin care needs. Shaving prior to treatment will ensure the best results. For gentleman’s facial, we use mineral extracts of Rhodochrosite and Med Complex — a concentrate of active ingredients of Mediterranean origin. Hydrapure is a vegetable complex and nanostructure, and is a highly-effective and innovative carrier. This facial is a brisk harmony of active ingredients that rids the skin of stress and makes it tonic, soft, and elastic. Get this facial for a vitalizing, protective, and antiaging treatment.


Gentleman’s facial provides you with the following benefits:

  • Soothes

  • Reduces skin redness

  • Relieves irritation

  • Strengthens capillaries

  • Moisturizes

Add On: Linea Plus facials intensive serum treatment: Aqua, Pura, Vita, and Dolce for only $15.00 each.

Facial Treatments Pricing

From anti-aging lines to specific products for delicate, young skin, our complete line of professional facial treatments covers all age groups and skin types.

Deep Cleansing Facial50 minutes$75
Back Facial Treatment50 minutes$75
Gentleman's Facial50 minutes$75
Teen Facial40 minutes$65

Blu Beauty Facial Treatments by Bioline

Aqua PLUS Intensive Facial1 hour 10 minutes$89
Pura PLUS Acne Facial1 hour 10 minutes$89
Vita PLUS Anti Age Facial1 hour 10 minutes$89
Dolce PLUS Calming Facial1 hour 10 minutes$89

Prevention Facial

24.7 Natural Balance Facial1 hour 10 minutes$110

Specific Intensive Superiors Treatments

Desense Active Repairing Facial Treatment1 hour 10 minutes$115
Signature Eye & Lip Treatment, Stem Cell, Caviar and Retinol25 minutes$55

Superiors Treatments

Primaluce Glycolic Peel Facial1 hour 10 minutes$125
De-ox Global Antioxidant Shield Facial1 hour 10 minutes$140
AGE Facial Treatment1 hour 10 minutes$155

Knowing Your Skin

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